Water Types and Uses

Water Types and Uses


Kangen Water and Vollara LivingWater Machines are great for more than simply providing a healthy and reliable source of drinking water.


Ionized water machines allow the option to change the pH to dispense five different types water types: Strong acidic water, slightly acidic water, neutral water, alkaline water, and strong alkaline water. Each water type has its own benefits and uses for hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting, food preparation, cooking, drinking, plant care, and pet care. Click on the icons at the bottom off the page to learn about different ways you can use each water type.



Strong acidic water: Water with a pH between 2.0-3.0 has disinfecting properties. Use Strong Acidic Water to sanitize kitchen utensils, counter tops, etc. to keep areas safe and clean. This water is not for drinking.


Acidic water: Water with a pH between 4.0-6.0 is recognized for its astringent effects. Mildly acidic water is terrific to use for gentle cleaning and beauty care. This water is not for drinking.


Neutral water: Neutral water has a pH of 7.0. Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Neutral water is delicious drinking water.


Alkaline water: With a pH of 8.5-9.5, this type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking. It works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which optimizes health.

Strong alkaline water: Water with a pH between 10.0-11.0 preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits. This water is not for drinking.


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