Acidic Water (4.0 – 6.5 pH)


Water with a pH between 4.0 and 6.5 is recognized for its astringent effects. Also called ‘Beauty Water’, mildly Acidic Water is terrific to use for gentle cleaning and cosmetic care. This water is not for drinking.


Use Acidic Water for:


Cosmetic Use


Face Wash- Acidic water has astringent properties that effectively tone and firm skin. Especially after a hot bath or shower, Beauty Water helps to cleanse and close the pores. Use as a toner or after shave. Lightly pat on face and let dry. It is especially usefully on treating rough or oily skin.


Hair Care- Rinse with Acidic Water after shampooing to reduce tangles and bring out a naturally radiant shine. You may also use this water in place of conditioner. Carry a small spray bottle of Acidic Water for on-the-go hair and cosmetic care.


Bath Water- Adding Acidic Water to your normal bath water will keep skin soft, glowing, and beautiful. As an added bonus, it helps prevent rings from forming around your tub!




Remove Stains- Acidic water easily removes tea and coffee stains, and other light residue left behind on household surfaces.


Clean Floors- Pre-treat hardwood floors and ceramic tile before mopping to lift dirt and residue without the sticky film left behind by chemical floor cleaners.


Wash Dishes- Acidic Water leaves your dishes with a naturally clean and clear sparkle. For pots and pans with heavily baked-on grease, soak in acidic water to remove residue with ease.


Polish Glass and Metal- Spray acidic water on metal and glass objects including eyeglasses, mirrors, and windows for a clean, high sheen.


Laundry- Pre-soak or use during rinse cycle for softer clothes, towels, and washcloths.




Wash Vegetables- Acidic Water removes any trace amounts of anthocyanins from fruits and vegetables.


Freeze Foods- Spray a small amount of Acidic Water on foods before freezing to prevent it from losing flavor when thawed.


Fried Foods- Frying foods with Acidic Water will make yield a better batter and crispier texture with little to no oily or greasy residue. The food will also retain its crispiness over time.


Boil Eggs- Acidic Water will prevent the egg yolk from leaking out of the shell. It also makes peeling an easier and less messy process.

Boil Pasta- When boiling noodles in Acidic Water, they will have a brighter shine and ‘al dente’ texture.
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