Strong Alkaline Water


Water with a pH between 10.0-11.0 preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. Strong Alkaline Water has dissolving and heat conducting benefits. This water is not for drinking.


Use Strong Alkaline Water for:




Washing Dishes– Save time, money, and energy with Strong Kangen Water or Vollara LivingWater. When using Strong Alkaline Water, less detergent is needed while washing dishes and less water required during rinse. Clean cutting boards and dish waters with the higher pH water to remove fat and protein residue. Then rinse clean with the sanitizing and antibacterial properties of strong acidic water.


Cleaning Floors- The absorbent properties of Strong Alkaline water is excellent or removing dirt, grime, and stains from hardwood floors and ceramic tiles, as well as hard to reach crevices. Pre-treat with strong acid water for greater ease while mopping.


Kitchen Surfaces- Strong Alkaline Water is great for cleaning oil and tough grime from stove tops, ovens, and vents. Strong Kangen Water is also great for general cleaning, because of its dissolving and softening properties.


Bathroom- In addition to countertops and other bathroom surfaces, Strong Alkaline Water is ideal for removing stubborn toilet bowls stains, as well as built up mineral deposits in tubs and showers.


Stain Removal- Strong Alkaline Water has powerful dissolving and conducting properties that will remove coffee, tea, soy sauce, oil, and any other stains with ease. Strong Kangen Water or Vollara LivingWater also eliminate tough oil and grease stains from clothing.


Laundry- In addition to Strong Alkaline Water’s stain fighting agents, it will also help you reduce the amount of detergent required to wash clothes. Simply add a quart of Strong Kangen Water or Vollara LivingWater to the wash cycle and use ⅓ to ¼ less detergent. Check out the Vollara Laundry Pure machine to learn about how to save even more time and money when it comes to laundry.

Food Preparation


Fruits and Vegetables- Soak fruits and vegetables in Strong Alkaline Water to remove oil-based or waxy coating and pesticide residue from produce like apples and cucumbers. Strong Kangen Water or Vollara LivingWater also increases removal of dirt, grit, and sand while revitalizing the freshness of your foods.

Meat, Fish, and Poultry- Strong Alkaline Water removes the proteins and fats that cause bacterial growth. Great for rinsing fresh fish, meats, or poultry to remove odors.


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