Water Crystals

Dr. Masura Emoto’s Water Crystals


Water serves us in countless ways, and through countless mediums. We are made up of mostly water, and also need it to survive.


We drink it, cook and clean with it, bathe and swim in it. Water generates energy, provides routes for transportation, and grows millions of crops, which in turn feeds entire nations.


In short, we appreciate water for its utility, or how it can benefit us. But we rarely observe the aesthetic beauty of water itself. What we would like to show you is the small wonder found within the water molecule.


Dr. Masura Emoto


Dr. Masura Emoto studied water molecules at a microscopic level to see how their composition an behavior would change when exposed to positive and negative conditions. Dr. Emoto began his research by simply gathering water from different sources, such as tap water, lakes and rivers, and distilled water.


He found that tap water and water from lakes and rivers near big cities did not show any unique or beautiful crystal formations. The water molecules appeared chaotic. However, the water samples from clean water sources and those that had undergone the filtration/distillation process yielded intricate, beautiful, and distinctive crystal patterns.




After Masura Emoto made these discoveries, he began to experiment with the water molecules that showed crystal structures. He wanted to see how positive and negative control factors could affect a water molecule’s crystal formation, which is a geometrical design shaped by vibration. Dr. Emoto uses the term Hado, which translates as “wave motion” or “vibration”, to describe the phenomenon of “intrinsic vibrational patterns” within all matter—or the energy resonating throughout all of nature. He exposed the water to different Hado through music, photographs, prayer, and written/spoken words.


Emoto wanted to prove that our thoughts and emotions could influence the physical world. His hypothesis suggested that beautiful words and positive energy could influence the natural energy or vibration within the space and objects surrounding them. His theory proposes that you can alter a substance by altering its surrounding vibration or energy.


“By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to ‘change its expression’”


Dr. Masura Emoto’s findings have been described as phenomena not quite scientific, not quite religious. Regardless, one cannot deny the beautiful, unique results produced by his research and experimentation with water crystals.


Water Crystals