Purification Systems

Purification Systems

There are so many water purification systems out there. But keep in mind that not all water purification systems are alkaline ionizing water purification systems.

Do your research, it takes a lot of time. There are systems that are more and less expensive, different bells and whistles and there are even some at-home recipes you can do.

Visit our Core Components Page to learn the three most important factors in researching alkaline ionizing purification systems.

We started off with one system and while it was a great system it was not practical for our water store due to our ever increasing volume of customers. We have 2 different types of machines, Enagic Kangen Water and Vollara LivingWater. Both are available at the water store to fill up for $1 per gallon plus tax.

We encourage everyone to purchase a system for their homes.  We’ve seen many people become tired of carrying around five gallon jugs (they are heavy) and toting multiple containers back and forth from their cars. We hope to provide you with a pleasant experience at Coco Greens, with our juice bar, cafe and spa. However, there’s nothing like being at home and being able to get it straight from your own sink.

Click here to begin your research on alkaline water ionizers.

Purification Systems.