Air Purification by Vollara

Air Purification by Vollara Fresh Air

The air purification system can help you breathe easier, eliminate odors, eliminate germs, molds and allergens.

We’re not talking about spraying a cloud of flower-fragranced chemicals (holy toxins batman!).This system uses the same basis as how nature keeps things safe and clean outdoors. The natural processes found in thunderstorms, sunlight, and lightening are recreated indoors. Negatively charged ions remove pollutants from the air ActivePure Technology duplicates nature to safely reduce contaminants on surfaces.

Air Purification, Vollara


• Reduces airborne contaminants for a healthier environment
• Freshens air and removes odors in otherwise stale-prone environments
• Reduces dirt and dust from the air to make cleaning easier
• Optional Ozone Free bulb allows for operation without creating ozone
• Uses super oxide ions and hydro peroxides created by ActivePure Technology to reduces contaminants
• Negatively charged ions reduces microscopic particles from the air that will reduce harmful airborne pollutants.
• Features a high intensity UVC light that makes use of the same oxidation and ionizing properties of light as naturally occurring sunlight
• FreshAir Surround with ActivePure Technology, Certified Space Technology™
• Normal Mode uses our exclusive ActivePure (RCI) technology to produce safe, low-level, natural oxidizers and super oxide ions for basic, everyday applications
• High Mode adds the power of activated oxygen for faster coverage and increased elimination of smoke, odor, and surface contaminants.


This technology also comes in room electrical plug-in’s for smaller spaces, and personal units you can put in your car and carry around with you.


We also use this at Symmetry, its the only way we are able to make yummy curry soup in our cafe while not offending clients receiving massages in our spa.  Not to mention our building is 100 years old.  We love this unit. I have one at home too, my english bulldogs don’t smell so great in their old age.

Air Purification, Vollara