Laundry Pure, Vollara

Laundry Pure, Vollara

Clean Clothes without Detergent or Hot Water

This is a laundry pure system you hook up to your hot and cold water, then up to your washer machine and you don’t have to use detergent or hot water again. The water goes through this system mixing with a solution created in the machine. The tube contains the solution mixture at such a high concentrate that we’ve had this machine for 3 years at symmetry and have not had to change it yet… but we have been saving on water heater bills and laundry detergent.


Laundry Pure, Vollara


Reduces the need for detergents and fabric softener
Prevents the growth of odors without bleach or hot water
•Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent residue
•Keeps colors bright and whites white
Maintenance-free model with fail-safe leak protection
•Designed and built in the USA for reliability and durability
• Safe low voltage operation
•Save money and protect the environment with Laundry Pure



And may I reaffirm, I personally have this in my house, and in the Spa at Coco Greens. Yes, it really gets your clothes clean and looking great and you really don’t have to use laundry detergent and you really really will save on your water heater bill.

This unit can be purchased at Coco Greens Vegan Cafe and Spa.


Laundry Pure, Vollara.